The Symbol Of Strength In Auction Marketing

The Symbol Of Strength In Auction Marketing

Internet Only: Contents of Home in Richmond County, NC

by Iron Horse Auction Company


Sep 29, 2008 - September 29th at 8am - October 8th at 9am Eastern


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Iron Horse Auction Company

174 Airport Rd.
Rockingham, NC 28379


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174 Airport Rd.
Rockingham, NC 28379

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Contents of Home


Monday, September 29, 2008 – 8AM


Wednesday, October 8, 2008 – 9AM


Rockingham, NC - Richmond County


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Location of Items: 113 Skyline Drive, Rockingham, NC


Lot 1 - Card Table with 4 chairs and 4 tablecloths

Lot 2 - Misc travel items. 2 suitcases, 2 garment bags, 2 shoulder bags and an electric, cap style, hairdryer in case.

Lot 3 - 2 small chairs with storage under top cushion, and a hand-crocheted Granny Square afghan

Lot 4 - Wooden, 6 Drawer chest and framed mirror on wall. Cherry finish

Lot 5 - 2 Bedroom lamps. Bases are different 

Lot 6 - Bedside Table and small chair, Walnut finish

Lot 7 - Items on Bedside table including Lamp, glass bowl floral arrangement, and a small cut glass paperweight

Lot 8 - Pair of Twin Size Beds with matching bedspreads and bolster pillows

Lot 9 - 5 Drawer Chest of Drawers, with fitted mirror on the top

Lot 10 - Items on Chest of Drawers including Electric `oil lamp` Lamp, Green glass swan bowl, 2 jar vases with lids

Lot 11 - woven bottom, high back chair

Lot 12 - 2 Door, lighted, mirrored back, Curio Cabinet

Lot 13 - Mirror in Ornate Wooden Frame, Gold painted finish

Lot 14 - Pair of End Table Lamps with shades

Lot 15 - 2 Drawer, Wooden, Side Table

Lot 16 - Pair of upholstered, High Back chairs, Peach striped patterned fabric

Lot 17 - Wooden Coffee Table with fitted Glass Top

Lot 18 - Misc Items on Coffee Table including Glass Bowl with silk Floral Arrangement, 2 China boxes with lids and matching small plates, and China Floral piece (Marked English Bone China, Staffordshire, England on the bottom)

Lot 19 - 3 Cushion Sofa with 4 throw pillows. Celery colored upholstery

Lot 20 - Small Round Side Table with marble top

Lot 21 - Cane Bottom Chair

Lot 22 - Pair of wall candle sconces, brass with 8 hanging crystals on each.

Lot 23 - Pillar plant stand, decorative trash bucket, and 2 knick knacks on top and decorative bowl

Lot 24 - Wooden End Table

Lot 25 - Floral Print upholstered chair, Peach tone fabric

Lot 26 - Wooden Drop Side Table

Lot 27 - Lamp on table and Ceramic Floral piece

Lot 28 - 5 pieces of decorative china knick knacks, various designs, includes covered box marked Schumann Arzberg Germany on the bottom., (Pitcher handle is broken)

Lot 29 - Pieces of Hearthside Garden Festival Stoneware. Includes  7 Large Plates, 6 Small Plates, 6 Cups, 2 saucers, 6 bowls, a small covered crock, and a large covered crock

Lot 30 - Set of 8, silver plated stemware

Lot 31 - Pieces of Baroque Hearthside Stoneware. Includes 5 large plates, 8 small plates, 7 cups, 8 saucers, 9 bowls, and 2 serving dishes

Lot 32 - 6 pcs of blue ware dishes, includes 5 plates (some chipped) and matching serving bowl. Marking on bottom reads Mason’s Patent Ironstone China, Vista England

Lot 33 - 7 pcs of blue ware dishes, includes square dish, 4 cups, and 2 saucers. Marking on the bottom reads Mason’s Patent Ironstone China, Vista England

Lot 34 - 4 pcs of  blue ware dishes, includes Pitcher (glaze is water stained and discolored in places) and a square handled plate (broken, some pieces included), both pieces are marked Mason’s Patent Ironstone China, Vista England. Also includes 2 non-matching cups.

Lot 35 - Lot of 6 small decorative steins with matching pitcher , thermometer, 2 wooden paper towel stands, mail organizer, wooden collector spoon display, Wooden Thermometer, Barometer, and Hygrometer, and misc greenery 

Lot 36 - Misc Glassware, 3 pc canister set, vase, 4 pitchers, and 2 ashtrays

Lot 37 - Misc glassware, 9-8` snack plates, 2 misc plates, 4-small serving dishes, 2 small decorative bowls, 4 small (2 section) party plates, 5 coasters

Lot 38 - Misc glassware, set of 4 small glass bowls, set of 8 small glass bowls with `C` etched  monogram, misc glass bowl, set of 12 crystal napkin rings

Lot 39 - misc glassware, candy dish with lid, 8 pc stemware, 7 pc petal design bowls, small misc bowl

Lot 40 - Small pedestal table with 2 chairs. Top measures 23 1/2` x 41 1/2`

Lot 41 - Small Pitcher with 6 matching glasses, 2 decorative plates

Lot 42 - Misc Pyrex bake ware, 5 covered casserole dishes in `Blue Stripe` pattern.  and misc baking dish

Lot 43 - misc bake ware, 6 covered dishes, one uncovered, and 4 small sidekick baking dishes

Lot 44 - Misc kitchen items, 5 stainless steel bowls, 2 covered casserole baking dishes, and an 8 1/2` x 13` baking dish in wicker basket

Lot 45 - Misc Bake ware, 3 bread pans, 4 round cake pans, 2- 9`x 13`cake pans, 3 cupcake pans, small tassie pan

Lot 46 - Misc Bake ware, 3 Corning ware pie plates, 2 misc pie plates, Strawberry and Apple pie plates, Heavy Bundt Cake pan

Lot 47 - Misc glass items, measuring cups, shot glasses, serving bowl, cruets, pitcher, sugar bowl with spoon, shell shaped bowl, baking dish, fruit compote, root beet style mug

Lot 48 - Salad bowl and serving utensils, mixing bowl, 3 misc platters, covered casserole dish, covered cheese plate

Lot 49 - 7 plates with different fruits on each. 11 matching cups, and 11 saucers. Marked Bavaria Tirschenreuth Germany on bottom.

Lot 50 - 5 Oven to table Ramekins with 3 matching mugs (Strawberry and butterfly design). 2 fruit design oven to table baking side dishes.

Lot 51 - 2 Lefton China fruit design bowls (marked NE20127B on bottom), one Golden Swirl Plate (marked Enoch Wedgewood (Tunstall) Ltd. England),  2 small side bowls (marked RC, Union Made, Sebring Ohio, USA, 22K Gold, Glendale), misc small side bowl (marked Eggshell), Cup and saucer (marked Bavaria, Schumann, Arzberg, Germany)

Lot 52 - 2 Wear-ever sauce pans with copper lids, 4 misc skillets, Regal Cast Aluminum covered sauce pan and covered pot.

Lot 53 - Misc Cookware, 4 skillets, 2 lids, 1- 6` and 1- 10` cast iron skillets

Lot 54 - Toroware Pot with lid, Pressure cooker, Covered `waterless Cookware` saucepan

Lot 55 - Misc kitchen utensils, stainless steel cutlery, knives, spatulas, ladle, whisk, strainer, meat fork, etc

Lot 56 - 5 Plates, `The Florentine` design, Johnson Bro, England

Lot 57 - 2 Wooden Stools

Lot 58 - Indiana Glass, 2 crystal `Teardrop` fruit bowls and a `teardrop` Tall cake stand, All in original boxes

Lot 59 - 2 misc serving bowls, 1 platter (Harmony House, Maytime, 54X), small covered dish.

Lot 60 - Misc dished, 1 large plate, 1 small plate, 6 medium bowls, 2 small bowls, 1 creamer

Lot 61 - 2 large glass chimneys, misc glass items

Lot 62 - Holiday Microwave Oven

Lot 63 - Sunbeam Stand Mixer

Lot 64 - 2 wooden trivets, one brass trivet, and a pair of wooden salt and pepper shakers

Lot 65 - 1 Teapot, 2 pitchers, and a floral bowl

Lot 66 - Wooden Trash Bin, 2 tier hanging wire basket, hanging heart shaped wire and glass bud vase

Lot 67 - Camp Cot

Lot 68 - Glass oil lamp, 3 misc glass globes

Lot 69 - 15 misc ashtrays, (silver plated trim, gold trim, china, lead crystal, 5 with the letter `C` on them, etc)

Lot 70 - 6 misc crystal vases (base broken on the front left vase)

Lot 71 - Misc glassware, 3 sets of salt and pepper shakers, 3 cordial glasses plum color glass with gold trim) , 2 matching crystal bowls

Lot 72 - 3 - crystal bowls (one on the right is marked Ofnah Crystal, Poland)

Lot 73 - 4 pcs of misc crystal, (3 are Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut Crystal)

Lot 74 - Heavy leaded glass pitcher, cream and sugar set, misc small sugar cup with glass spoon

Lot 75 - 5 misc glass bowls

Lot 76 - 2 glass cake plates, and a set of 4 card related glass pieces

Lot 77 - Misc glass pcs, set of 4 Federal Glass Company  `Williamsburg` ashtrays, rectangle plate, 2 bowls, and a candle holder

Lot 78 - 3 matching cut glass bowls (design matches lot # 79)

Lot 79 - 4 matching cut glass trays, 2 have divided sections (design matches lot # 78)

Lot 80 - Pedestal, covered cake plate

Lot 81 - Tall glass vase

Lot 82 - 7 pc water set, (pitcher and 6 glasses), Green glass

Lot 83 - Set of 12 Hazel Ware beverage glasses, clear glass, 4 of each size, and a 12 pc luncheon set in plum colored glass, 4 plates, 4 bowls, and 4 cups (In original boxes)

Lot 84 - Set of 12 parfait glasses, and a punch bowl set by Anchorglass with 12 cups, painted leaf pattern

Lot 85 - Crystal punch bowl set, Bowl, ladle, 12 glasses (2 extra mismatched included) and the clips that clip the cups to the side of the bowl

Lot 86 - Set of 8 glass luncheon plates and 7 non-matching punch cups

Lot 87 - Set of 8 glass luncheon plates and 10 non-matching punch cups

Lot 88 - Grace Fine China, Rhapsody pattern, 4 soup bowls, platter, plate, and soup Tourine (missing lid)

Lot 89 - 3 - 8 pc placemat and napkin sets, one set pink cotton, 2 sets linen

Lot 90 - 11 pcs of Franciscan Earthenware, platter (chipped), plate, small bowl, 2 sets of salt and pepper shakers with 2 plates they set on, 2 sectioned dishes

Lot 91 - Wooden Drop leaf table and 4 chairs

Lot 92 - Small wooden chair

Lot 93 - 8 pcs of assorted pottery and glassware, includes small hand-painted pitcher, 3 flower pots, and misc china pcs

Lot 94 - Wooden snack server with glass trivet, 2 pc carving set, pie and cake serving set, 2 sets of steak knives

Lot 95 - 2 trays, turkey plate, grape leaf bowl, candle holder

Lot 96 - Card Table and contents, including, tins, floral arrangement, 12 skewers, hammered aluminum pcs, pottery, sconces, etc

Lot 97 - Wooden chair, Woven seat

Lot 98 - wood and upholstered Side Chair

Lot 99 - Wooden Drop leaf end table

Lot 100 - Floral print sofa

Lot 101 - Heavy brass, 8 candle, candelabra

Lot 102 - 6 pcs of misc ceramic and china pcs, including cup and saucer, covered box, covered bowl, decorative plates and a floral ring

Lot 103 - Wooden Coffee Table  

Lot 104 - Set of 4 matching rugs

Lot 105 - 10 pcs silver plated items, including 2 pair of candle holders, pedestal cake stand, misc bowls

Lot 106 - 14 pcs silver plated items, including crystal bowl with silver trim, 8 small matching plates and 4  misc small plates, small tray

Lot 107 - 10 pcs silver plated items, including 2 sets of salt and pepper shakers, cream and sugar set, lighter, vase, etc

Lot 108 - 8 pcs silver plated items, including, glass lines pie plate, and misc trays

Lot 109 - 3 pcs silver plated items, Tea pot, water pitcher, candle holder

Lot 110 - Shelf containing China Teapot, sugar and creamer, box with lid, small tea service plates, vase, 10 misc Child Craft books, National Geographic magazines, misc books

Lot 111 - Shelf containing small cup and saucer, misc tea set plates including a set of 4 Sheffield Fine China tea set plates.

Lot 112 - 2 shelves of misc books, the majority being Readers Digest condensed books

Lot 113 - one wooden magazine rack, one wire magazine rack, set of fireplace tools, large wooden spoon and fork

Lot 114 - 3 mortal and pestle sets

Lot 115 - Mirror on mantle and 3 vases

Lot 116 - Electric Clock on Mantle, appears to work, pendulum swings and second hand moves when plugged in.

Lot 117 - Rocker Recliner

Lot 118 - 3 shelved of misc books, the majority being Readers Digest Condensed books, a few cookbooks, a few Danielle Steele books, etc

Lot 119 - Large Brass Tray on Wall, approx 21` x 34`

Lot 120 - Small stool, movie screen, light bar, clamp on table light, AM/FM Cassette Player

Lot 121 - Sanyo, 24` TV with Remote

Lot 122 - TV Stand

Lot 123 - Misc plant containers, wicker basket , 2 floral arrangements

Lot 124 - Wooden Rocking Chair

Lot 125 - Card Table and contents, including Candle holders, 2 framed prints,  2 wall hangings, 3 fruit motif plates and hangers, ceramic vase, and floral arrangement,

Lot 126 - 6 brass items, larges footstool, owl napkin holder, turtle, 3 containers

Lot 127 - 10 misc brass items, including a candelabra, stein, ashtray, misc containers

Lot 128 - 9 pcs misc brass items, small stemmed cup, Aladdin’s lamp, Turkish Dagger with ornate sheath, letter openers, brass holder with 6 picks

Lot 129 - Misc silver plated items, including oval platter, round tray, Cream and sugar set, several serving utensils, small bowl, and soap dish

Lot 130 - Conn `Pan American` Clarinet in Case, Brownie  `Hawkeye Outfit` Camera, Keystone 8mm movie camera and case

Lot 131 - 2 shelves of Christmas dishes, Plates, glasses, cups and saucers, salt and pepper shakers, small teapot, cream and sugar set, `Christmas Holly` Pattern, misc holiday napkin holders

Lot 132 - Wooden stand and contents, includes sun lamp and old electrical sandwich press.


Inspections:  By Appointment Only, Contact Office at 910-997-2248


Terms:  A 10% buyer’s premium will apply to all purchases.  Balance due in full at the close of auction.  All items must be picked up in person, no shipping will be offered, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Check out will be Wednesday, October 8th from 11am - 4pm & Thursday, October 9th from 9am - 2pm.  Conditions – All information contained herein is deemed to be from reliable sources.  However, neither the Auctioneer nor the Seller guarantees this information to be correct.  We reserve the right to add or delete.  Please inspect the property and bid accordingly.  The Auctioneer represents the Seller in this transaction.


Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc.

PO Box 1267Rockingham, NC 28380

800-997-2248 – NCAL 3936

A 10% buyer’s premium will apply to all purchases. Balance due in full at the close of auction. All items must be picked up in person, no shipping will be offered, NO EXCEPTIONS. Check out will be Tuesday, October 7th & Wednesday, October 8th from 10am – 4pm. Conditions – All information contained herein is deemed to be from reliable sources. However, neither the Auctioneer nor the Seller guarantees this information to be correct. We reserve the right to add or delete. Please inspect the property and bid accordingly. The Auctioneer represents the Seller in this transaction.

Location of Items: 113 Skyline Drive, Rockingham, NC